Lee Hyori Thanks Mysterious Cat Food Friend Helping Her Out!

It looks like either a fan of Lee Hyori wants to help her out in her campaign to help animals, or Lee Hyori just lives in a neighborhood where people care!

Recently Lee Hyori found out that she has a “Mysterious Cat Food Friend,” On May 31 she tweeted, “In the park in front of my house, I went to go out and give food to the cats that live there. When I arrived there I noticed a food and water bowl that weren’t mine. How can I express what I feel right now? I am so happy. Now I don’t have to worry too much when I have to travel because of work. I don’t know who you are but thank you. My ‘Cat Food Friend.’”

Netizens commented, “Lee Hyori’s unconditional love for animals,” “I hope we find out soon who Lee Hyori’s ‘Mysterious Cat Food Friend’ is,” “Lee Hyori must be so happy that she has a ‘Cat Food Friend’ now,” and “It is so nice watching Lee Hyori’s animal love.”