What’s the First Thing Yoo Ah In Sees When Checking Out Girls?

What body part does Yoo Ah In look at when he first meets a girl? The star answered that he looks at a girl’s backline. Yoo Ah In appeared on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment – Star Watch” that broadcast on May 30. There, he talked about what he is up to now, and ending the drama “Fashion King.” (The last episode of Fashion King was on May 22) Yoo Ah In also talked about what he sees when meeting women.

Yoo Ah In was asked by a fan, “What do you look at when you first see a girl?” Yoo Ah In stated that he first asks her, “Please turn around in a circle.” He continued, “When I first check out a girl, I look at her backline.”

He was then asked who he likes better, costar Shin Se Kyung or Girls’ Generation Yuri. Yoo Ah In stated, “I think Lee Jae Hoon is the prettiest.”