Netizens Love Seohyun’s Aegyo Mark

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun‘s aegyo (cute charm) mark has been gaining attention.

On May 30, TaeTiSeo‘s performance of Twinkle,” for KBS “2012 Dream Concertwas televised. The event originally took place earlier this month on May 12.

On the day, TaeTiSeo wore a costume with sparkling gold decoration and floral print and they showed a perfect live performance.

Seohyun put a small aegyo mark, right under her left eye. This added more cuteness and drew attention.

Netizens who saw Seohyun’s aegyo mark reacted, “It’s just a mark and she looks different,” “What if it becomes a trend?” and “It’s very subtle but sexy.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation announced that they would be releasing a new Japanese single next month. Their teaser for “Paparazzi” has been released.