SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong to Enlist for Military Service in July

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong will enlist into his mandatory Korean military service in July. He gave this news by writing a letter which was put up on the official website June 1.

The letter read, “Hello, this is Kyu Jong. I always say this but doesn’t time fly by, it feels like only yesterday I debuted but it is already June 2012. Is everything you planned going well? It isn’t too late for all of you to ‘hwaiting’ while thinking about the things you planned. The reason I am writing you this letter is to let you know that I am going to enlist in July. I wanted to tell you Pretties myself.”

He continued, “I was always happy because of the good memories because of the support and love from you Pretties. Because of you Pretties, my 20s are happy and enjoyable. Like I always say I want to give back as much as I received, and from now on I only want to gift you pretty memories. Let’s promise to meet, when we have improved more as individuals.”

He ended with, “I am looking forward to the time we will spend together June 3. We will meet that day. Let’s make a memory that is full of laughter. Just like the time we spent together is pretty, let us continue to make pretty memories in the future. Thank you, and be happy.”