Teen Top’s Chunji Used to Peek Through an All Girls High School with a Binocular

During a recent recording of MBCExploration of Genders,” Teen Top’s Chunji confessed of his wicked hobby during his school days. The cast met at a school auditorium and shared stories of their school days. In the midst of all their talking, Jung Jun Ha brought the topic of what they did during their breaks. Chunji, who had recently graduated from high school, revealed, “I used to peek through an all girls high school that was right next to my school with a binocular. That was my hobby.”

When he noticed the horrified expressions and reactions from his fellow cast mates, he responded, “What? Isn’t that what everyone does? It wasn’t only me.” He explained, “Every man, at least once in their lifetime, wants to peek inside an all-girls high school.”

This episode of “Exploration of Genders” will air on MBC this Sunday, June 3, at 5:15PM KST.