Suzy Gives Lee Hyun Woo a Back Hug

Suzy, a member of miss A, is garnering attention because of a photo of her giving Lee Hyun Woo a back hug. Recently, on KBS 2TV “Invincible Youth 2,” special guests were on the show and they were, besides Lee Hyun Woo, Shinhwa‘s Andy, Baek Sung Hyun, Infinite‘s L, Noel‘s Kang Kyun Sung and Park Hwi Soon. They each revealed the name of the G6 member they most wanted to meet.

The results caught people’s eyes because besides one person, everyone picked Suzy. In particular, when Lee Hyun Woo was asked if he had any usual close connections with Suzy, he shyly said, “We never had a close connection; however, I would like to become friends in the future.”

In response, Suzy, who was the most popular, had to pick the guest who she would most like to become closer to. She picked Lee Hyun Woo and gave him a back hug to express her feelings.

The show will be broadcasted on June 2.