Park Shi Yeon Shows Cute and Femme Fatale Concepts in the Same CF

Park Shi Yeon showed off her multi-faceted beauty for Orion’s Dr. You Energy Bar CF.

In the advertisement, Park Shi Yeon is wearing a chic black dress, looking ready to attend an awards ceremony. The CF begins on a serious note, with the actress embodying a “femme fatale” character. But as soon as she speaks, the chic and serious atmosphere suddenly breaks into a comical note.

In a very real Pusan dialect, she cries out, “Oppa!” and starts to grow cranky and throw cute tantrums.  She makes a 180 and transforms her character from chic actress to a cute and lovable girl-next-door.

Netizens who viewed the CF commented, “Park Shi Yeon is so pretty and cute. She’s the best!” “If I eat Dr. You, will I become as pretty as Park Shi Yeon?” and, “Can’t wait to see her in the next promotion!”