[Review] Song Joong Ki Press Conference and Fan Meeting in Singapore

On May 26, anticipation was certainly in the air at the Square 2 Atrium where Song Joong Ki held his press conference for his “Thrill and Love – 1st Asia Fan Meeting” in Singapore. Earlier on before his arrival, the host announced that Song Joong Ki would be giving a special friendly hug to his fans during the autograph session, which raised the excitement level to an even greater height.

When Song Joong Ki finally arrived, he gave friendly waves to fans. The crowd that had filled the mall at every level with shoppers who hoped to catch a glimpse of the boyish star.

During the open press conference, many questions were raised from the media, to which he sincerely tried his best to answer. Song Joong Ki revealed that he jogged around Marina Bay Sands area on the previous night. When asked which of the Korean dramas is he most proud of, he replied that he likes all the dramas he has been in. He further highlighted that “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” made him more popular. He also had a fun time working with the co-stars who are around his age and really missed working with them.

When asked if he will go back to host a varietly show again, Song Joong Ki shared that he will be happy to MC again, and cheekily replied that he will look forward to meeting the girls group.

Song Joong Ki was surprised that fans in Singapore watched the Korean “Gag Show,” and the shy actor obligingly gave the fans a cute “bbuing bbuing,” making the fans screamed with joy and cheers.

When talking about his guesting in the popular variety show, “Running Man,” he said that Kim Jong Kook is the best runner, and if he were to participate again, he will catch Lee Kwang Soo. Song Joong Ki is thankful to the fans for their continuous support to the popular variety show.

During his last trip here, he was given some “bak kwa” (barbecued pork) to try. He said in English that “Bak kwa was very delicious,” and he really likes it.

Song Joong Ki gave a preview of the fanmeet which would be held on May 27 at the Shine Auditorium. There would be a lot of activities with fans.

Earlier in the day, Song Joong Ki also hosted a charity lunch for more than a dozen chronically ill children. During the conference, he said he loves children and wanted to have a good time with them, especially since they are sick.

An autograph session followed right after the press conference. Fans were delighted to receive hugs from their idol. He said earlier that he doesn’t get to visit Singapore often, and wanted to prepare something special for his fans in Singapore.

On May 27 at the Singapore Shine Auditorium, the evening started with Song Joong Ki singing a ballad for his fans. He then sat down to have a chat with the host, Ah Dong. He appeared shy and embarrassed when asked about his dramas, but tried his best to reveal his thoughts to the fans.

To the fans’ delight, Song Joong Ki went down the stage to handpick five lucky fans to go on the stage for a game with him. The fan who was able to best portray a scene from his drama won a chance to take a polaroid with him. Seeing the disappointed faces on the remaining fans, the kindhearted star decided to take a polaroid with all four of them together.

The laughter-filled game was followed by a video of his childhood and a compilation of his works. The clip highlighted his roles in “Frozen Flower,” “Triple,” “Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors,” “Hearty Paws 2” and others.

He also told fans that he used to be a naughty child who broke many windows, and he wanted to be an artist during his university days. Fans got to know that in Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo was his closest friend. A video from “Running Man” showed encouraging messages from the “Running Man” cast.

After a short break, Song Joong Ki came back with the song “I Believe.” A Q&A followed, plus another game time. Again, he went down the stage to handpick ten lucky fans to take part in an eating game where two winners, after finishing a bun and a sweet hidden in a plate of flour, had a chance to blow and burst a balloon while hugging Song Joong Ki.

After round one, he felt bad for the fans for having to finish up a whole bun, and he thoughtfully requested that the participants from round two only needed to take a bite. Unfortunately, players from round one protested and felt that it wasn’t fair. The game continued exactly the same as in round one.

Song Joong Ki delighted the winners with a gift that he personally purchased when he went jogging the previous night. A final song was performed, and the wonderful evening with Song Joong Ki ended on a high note when he gave high-five to all the fans.

Three songs, two games, fun chats and lots of laughters with the boyish star sent fans home happily, looking forward to another meeting with the friendly and thoughtful Song Jong Ki. It was indeed a “Thrill and Loved” night for the fans of Song Joong Ki!

Soompi congratulates Boom Korea for a successful Song Joong Ki fanmeet in Singapore.

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