Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Catches Eyes with Revealing Dress on “Dancing With the Stars”

On the most recent episode of MBC Dancing With the Stars: Season 2” that was aired on June 1, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon garnered attention due to her revealing dress. Viewers were surprised by her unexpectedly voluptuous body.

Hyoyeon’s arrived on stage wearing a sports dancer dress that was white with black polka dots. The sides of the dress look like they’ve been carved out, which in turn revealed Hyoyeon’s waistline. The dress was also low-cut, to the surprise of many a viewer.

Viewers commented, “Hyoyeon’s body was this good?”, “She’s so beautiful,” “She became even sexier because of sports dancing,” and more.

Meanwhile, fellow group member Seohyun had came to cheer on Hyoyeon, and Hyoyeon thanked Seohyun for making time come support her even when Seohyun was also busy with TaeTiSeo promotions.