SISTAR’s Soyu Is Just As Voluptuous As Hyorin

Pictures of SISTAR’s Soyu were posted online, showing her voluptuous body. Soyu, who may have been overshadowed by fellow member Hyorin’s glamorous body, proved that her figure is just as voluptuous and sexy.

The pictures, which were posted up on May 31 on an online blog, show Soyu performing on a TV program.

The singer is wearing a bold mint colored dress and is singing with her fellow SISTAR members. The pictures show Soyu’s glamorous shape and many took notice of her sexy s-line. Many felt that Soyu’s figure had been overlooked because of Hyorin’s voluptuous figure, which is usually making celebrity news headlines. But as shown in the pictures, Soyu’s figure is just as sexy as Hyorin.

Netizens who viewed the images commented, “I already knew that [she had a glamorous body],” “She’s just as voluptuous as Hyorin!” and, “Soyu, sorry for overlooking you.”

Sistar's Soyu Shows off Sexy Curves