Park Ji Sung Keeps His Promise to Watch IU’s Concert

Soccer hero, Park Ji Sung, attended IU’s “Real Fantasy” concert on June 3, delighting and exciting fans that attended the show.

IU addressed the crowd, “Today, there is a face that you all will recognize. He’s a really famous person.” At that moment, the camera panned and focused on soccer star, Park Ji Sung. The auditorium went wild with excitement.

IU then told the crowd about Park Ji Sung’s promise to her on Running Man. “On Running Man, I asked Park Ji Sung oppa to come to my concert, and he came! I hope he enjoys the show today.”

When fans reacted too excitedly to Park Ji Sun, IU adorably threw a pretend-tantrum and further delighted audiences: “Because it’s my concert, stop looking at him!”

Park Ji Sung performed some fan service and stood up from his seat and bowed to the audience.

IU began her Real Fantasy tour in Seoul and will continue until July 15. The tour passes through Ulsan, Jeonju, Suwon, Busan, and Daegu.