New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 June Week 1

Wonder Girls – Wonder Party (released)

01 R.E.A.L
02 Like This

03 Hey Boy
04 Girlfriend
05 Sorry
06 The DJ is Mine
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The Wonder Girls return with their fourth mini-album this summer titled, “Wonder Party.” The title track is “Like This,” a hip-hop number. The electronic hip-hop sounds showcase the girls’ charms. Also included in this album are “R.E.A.L,” a hip-hop number composed and penned by member Yeun herself and “Hey Boy,” a funky number with lyrics penned by Yubin.

Big Bang – Still Alive: Special ED. (June 6)

01 Still Alive
02 Monster

03 Feeling
04 Fantastic Baby
05 Bad Boy
06 Blue
07 Bingle Bingle
08 Ego
09 Love Dust
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Big Bang returns to the Korean music scene with a special edition of their “Alive” album titled, “Still Alive.” There are a total of nine songs, including five new tracks. The title track is “Monster,” an energetic number composed by famous German DJ, BOYZ NOISE. Also included in the album are the full version of intro number, “Alive” as well as Korean versions of “Ego” and “Feeling.”

Teen Top 3rd mini-album – Artist (released)

01 Artist
02 To You

03 Baby U
04 Shake It!
05 To You (Slow B. Ver.)
06 To You (INST)
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Teen Top makes a comeback this summer with their third mini-album titled, “Artist.” The Brave Brothers are responsible for producing this much-anticipated album. The title track is “To You,” a polished dance number with dreamy sounds. The song is about a boy who is unable to forget about the girl he loves. Also included in the album are club number, “Shake It” and a ballad version of “To You.”

U-Kiss Special Album – The Special To Kiss Me (June 5)

01 Believe
02 Te Amo
03 Not Meant To Be
04 Let’s Get
05 Believe (INST)
06 Te Amo (INST)
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U-Kiss releases a special album just in time for summer. There are a total of six new tracks including “Believe” and “Te Amo.”

Dal Shabet Vol. 1 – Bang Bang (June 6)

01 Enter Dal Shabet (Intro)
02 Try Coming Towards Me (feat. Nassun)
03 Mr. Bang Bang

04 Girls Girls Girls
05 Disco Time
06 Love Shake
07 Me Without You…
08 Hit U (feat. Bigtone)
09 Supa Dupa Diva
10 Pink Rocket
11 Bling Bling
12 Many Boys
13 Mirror
14 Mr. Bang Bang INST
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Dal Shabet, who has gained much popularity with their past hit songs such as “Supa Dupa Diva” and “Hit U” returns with their first full-length album titled, “Bang Bang.” The title track is “Mr. Bang Bang,” a cool pop dance number with exciting beats. The lyrics are about a girl who confesses her love for a shy boy who can’t seem to express his love first. There are a total of fourteen songs in this long-awaited album.

A-JAX first single – One 4 U (released)

01 One 4 U
02 Never Let Go
03 One 4 U INST
04 Never Let Go INST

DSP Media’s latest seven-member boy group, A-JAX makes their debut this year with their first single, “One For U.” Their title track is of the same title and it is a dance number of the visual-pop genre. This catchy song incorporates organ and harpsichord accompaniment as well as heavy drum and hardcore electric guitar sounds. Also included in the album is R&B number “Never Let Go.”

Juniel – My First June: Illa, Illa (released)

01 Illa Illa
02 Ready Go!
03 Everlasting Sunset
04 Mask
05 Fool (Duet with Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue))

Juniel releases her first mini-album this summer. There are a total of five tracks including title track, “Illa Illa” and duet number, “Fool” featuring CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa. Juniel is also responsible for composing and penning the lyrics to three of the songs.

M.I.B – Illusion (released)

01 Dutch Pay (Feat. Hafsa)
02 Only Hard For Me

03 Celebrate (feat. T Yoon Mirae)
04 Celebrate (Konrad OldMoney Remix) feat. T Yoon Mirae
05 Celebrate (Dubstep Remix) feat. TEM
06 G.D.M (Konrad OldMoney Remix) feat. Tiger JK, Bizzy
07 Fallen Blossoms
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Hip-hop group, M.I.B releases a new EP titled, “Illusion.” The title track is “Only Hard For Me,” a hip-hop number catered towards mainstream listeners. Despite this fact, it still has a unique melody and dramatic rap. Also included in the album are “Dutch Pay” and three versions of “Celebrate.”

Other Releases
Epitone Project – Vol. 2 (June 8)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo