Park Jiyoon Looking Pure in All White at Press Conference

Park Jiyoon recently attended a press conference at the Korean Conservatory in Seoul for “4 Singers, 4 Colors with Opera Heroes” concert.

The concert will feature four contestants from this year’s Opera Star: singers Kim Jong Suh, Park Ki Young, Park Jiyoon and Park Ji Hun. The singers will be performing classic opera arias. The concert is a “relay concert” in which each singer will take the stage separately and will be adding their own musical flair and color to each performance.

On this day, singer-actress Park Jiyoon appeared in an all-white dress paired with neon strap high heeled sandals, looking both pure and chic. Many took notice of her hairstyle, which is just in time for summer’s braid trend.

Park Jiyoon is currently starring in “Goodbye Wife” with singer-actor Ryu Shi Won.