Spin Chooses H.O.T’s “Candy” As K-Pop Song of All Time

Spin Magazine recently posted a list titled “The 21 Greatest K-Pop Songs of All Time” on their website www.spin.com. (Here is the link to the article itself)

H.O.T.’s “Candy” made #1 on the list. It was followed by HyunA’s “Bubble Pop!” and 2NE1’s “I Am the Best.”

H.O.T.’s “Candy” was picked as number one because they were the group that “ushered in the ‘idol’ cult that’s propelled Korean pop cultural product as far and wide as it’s come in the past ten years.”

Here were some of the comments about the list, “I’m sorry but this list is all missed up …nothing in the right order !!” “f(x) Nu ABO on the list? OMG…. There are more groups or singers should’ve been on the list” and “…o_O Hyuna beats SNSD and 2NE1? …..okaaaaay….”

What are your thoughts, what is the best K-Pop song of all time?