“Rooftop Prince’s” F3 Spotted in Australia!

Rooftop Prince’s” F4, minus Park Yoo Chun, was recently spotted in Melbourne. Jung Suk Won, Lee Min ho, and Choi Woo Shik left for Australia on June 1 to film QTVI’m Real.” The three actors from “Rooftop Prince” received much attention while playing the three Joseon time-travelers, amusing both Park Ha (Han Ji Min) and the viewers as they quickly adapted to live in modern Seoul.

On June 2, Jung Suk Won left a short tweet, “Melbourne,” and attached a photo of himself smiling with a group of friends, including Lee Min Ho and Choi Woo Shik.

Meanwhile, Jung Suk Won has been busy with various projects. Prior to “Rooftop Prince,” he was involved in dramas “Ojakyo Brothers” “Midas,” “White Christmas,” “Dr. Champ,” and more. He’s also well known for his open relationship to the queen of ballads, Baek Ji Young.