Where in the World Is Ha Ji Won?

Now that the beautiful Ha Ji Won is up to these days? Currently it looks like she is in Mexico for a photoshoot.

On June 4 she tweeted, “If you write a wish on a note and place it here, it is supposed to come true. Please happen, please happen, I am praying, ‘Bbyong.’” (Bbyong is supposed to be a magical sound somewhat similar to “poof”)

She continued, “Ah, I will pray for your wishes as well. Please happen, please happen ‘Bbyong.’I even prayed that the film ‘Korea’ would do as well. Look at my evidence. ‘Korea’ Fighing!”

Netizens that have come across the picture commented, “Ha Ji Won is so pretty,” “Ha Ji Won’s photoshoot, what does she eat to make her so pretty,” and “Even Ha Ji Won in everyday life is a photoshoot.”