JYJ’s Jaejoong Shares a Topless Photo of Yoochun to Celebrate His Birthday

Singer-actor JYJ’s Yoochun celebrates his 26th birthday today, June 4. Earlier this morning, he tweeted, “I was about to go to bed~ when all the messages started pouring in ~ Thank you so much~!” to which Jaejoong responded by sharing photos of Yoochun getting caked.

Jaejoong wrote, “This was last year~ ^ ^. Ahh my stomach~ kk,” and attached two photos of Park Yoo Chun from last year’s birthday party. In the photos, Yoochun is surrounded by his friends looking happy and caked. Junsu also congratulated the birthday boy, tweeting, “Yoochun-ah~ Happy birthday!!!”

Netizens commented, “Happy birthday Park Yoo Chun,” “I wonder if they’ll get together for another crazy party tonight,” “They look so happy,” and more.