A-JAX “Back Down” Dance Move, Too Dangerous?

Currently A-JAX has created controversy because of the “Back Down” dance move they do while performing “One 4 U.” (The “Back Down” dance move is when, you put your hand behind your head and fall backwards on to the floor, without any other safety measures. In the 90s, DSP Media’s first boy idol group Sechskies member Kim Jae Duk did the move.)

Through last weekend’s performances of “One 4 U” on MBC “Show Music Core,” and SBS “Inkigayo” the new boy group finally debuted. However, during their performance, 6 members do the “Back Down.”

Netziens gave opinions on the performance such as, “I am worried because the dance move is so dangerous” and “The dance move gives a very big impact.” Currently, DSP Media is determining whether A-JAX will continue to do the “Back Down” dance move for their future performances.

What do you think, is the dance move too dangerous?