Big Bang Sweeps Online Music Charts Without Broadcast Promotions

Big Bang proved once again that they are a musical powerhouse! Their title song “Monster” for the upcoming special album “Still Alive” swept the music charts when it was released in the morning of June 4. “Monster” was #1 on Melon, Mnet, Soribada, Olleh Music, Monkey 3, and Bugs.

Big Bang’s other songs on the album other than “Monster” also reached top 10. (Songs such as “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” “Ego,” and “Bingle Bingle.”) This special album was created to thank the fans for giving so much support to their 5th mini album. Currently Big Bang is touring in Japan, and cannot pursue promotional activities in South Korea. Despite this fact, the success of the songs online shows their musical prowess.

Also, currently Big Bang’s music video for “Monster,” which was created in collaboration with Hyundai Card, had 1 million viewers on the day of its release, and now has 3 million views.