Kara’s Goo Hara Apologizes to Infinite Fans for Cutting Off Infinte on SBS Inkigayo

Kara’s Goo Hara apologized to Infinite fans for a recent incident on SBS “Inkigayo” that was broadcast on June 3.

She tweeted on June 3, “Today was a day of mental breakdowns. Infinite fans, I am sorry, the time for the ending was short and I couldn’t help it. I am very sorry! Once again, congratulations to Infinite for being #1.”

On the June 3 show of “Inkigayo,” Goo Hara who is emceeing with fellow member Nicole and Lee Jong Suk, had to cut off Infinite’s acceptance speech when they received the Mutizen award. Afterwards she got criticized by Infinite fans.

Netizens stated, “You can’t cut off somebody when they are giving their acceptance speech,” “Infinite was probably very embarrassed,” and “I know it was done because the show was running out of time, but that was very embarrassing.”