T-ara’s Character T-shirts Go On Sale

T-shirts featuring caricatures of the members of T-ara have been released for sale. On June 4, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, released a series of T-ara’s caricature t-shirts on online shopping malls C-shop and G-Market T-ara’s Star Shop. The revealed t-shirts bear characters of each and every member with a variety of captions in a pop art-like manner.

Members of T-ara commented that they are happy to have t-shirts featuring their characters to go on sale and hope that all domestic and international fans would enjoy the product.

Other than launching new products in their name, T-ara still has a handful of events ahead of them. On June 3, T-ara successfully finished their concert in Thailand. All tickets were sold out at this event. From June 19, T-ara will be holding their very first tour concert in Japan, traveling to Aichi Prefecture, Fukuoka, Miyagi Prefecture, Hokkaido, and Tokyo. Moreover, T-ara will finally launch their own official fan club “Queen’s” on July 14, followed by their very first independent concert in Korea on August 11.