Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Startled by Moth

Recently, a video clip of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon from an autograph signing event of TaeTiSeo appeared online. In the revealed video clip, Taeyeon is smiling at the fan standing in front of her as she is signing her autograph. All of sudden, a moth flies into Taeyeon’s direction out of nowhere and Taeyeon seems startled and scared by this uninvited guest.

The moth kept roaming around Taeyeon while a male fan standing in front her for an autograph tried his best to scare this moth away with his hands. However, the moth remained close to Taeyeon and this particular male fan started kicking at the moth to protect Taeyeon. Taeyeon ended up bursting into laughter at her fan’s chivalry and thanked him by shaking his hand with both of her hands.

Netizens commented on this video clip, “Taeyeon is so cute even when she’s scared,” “Look at that guy kicking at the bug, so funny!” “It’s so adorable,” and “I just can’t stop smiling, this video is so cute.”