Secret Zinger’s Drawing of Hyosung Draws Attention

Secret’s Zinger gave a funny caricature drawing of fellow member Hyosung as a present. Hyosung posted on twitter, “Secret is currently in Japan for the promotion of ‘Twinkle.’ Here’s a cute picture, since I miss Secret Time. And the other picture is a caricature drawing of me by Zinger? This is too much, Zinger.” Along with the post, she uploaded two pictures.

One picture shows Hyosung smiling so brightly in a cute yellow dress for her fans. The other picture is the caricature of Hyosung drawn by Zinger. This drawing accentuates purple hair, smiling eyes, and gums of Hyosung. Zinger replied to Hyosung’s original tweet, “The delicacy of your purple hair, smoky eyes, and your gums showing when you’re smiling, I got all the points right. I should consider a career change.”

Hyosung responded to Zinger’s confidence in drawing, “You, you, you! You shouldn’t consider a career change so easily like that. You’re clearly talented at what you’re doing now and everyone else knows this, too! I don’t look anything like that drawing!”

Fans and netizens commented on Zinger’s caricature of Hyosung, “The smiling eyes are kind of similar,” “How is that my Hyosung?” “Well, they kind of look a like,” “Only the purple hair makes it look similar to Hyosung,” “Zinger, you’re quite good at drawing.”