B1A4 Releases Japanese Debut MV for “Beautiful Target”

With B1A4 officially debuting later this month in Japan, they have released their debut music video for “Beautiful Target” today.

They will be releasing their debut Japanese single “Beautiful Target” on June 27. It will contain the their songs “Beautiful Target,” the Japanese version of “Chu Chu Chu,” and the new Japanese song “Ready to go.” For the limited edition version there will also be included the Japanese version of “Bling Girl” which was written by the leader Jin Young.

To start off their overseas promotions, B1A4 will hold a Japanese “Hand Shake” event on June 30, followed by a larger event at the “Kawasaki Lazona” on July 1.

While B1A4 just debuted last year in April, there has been a lot of excitement for their Japanese debut as their single topped the daily pre-order chart for Tower Records Japan.

They promoted the original Korean version of “Beautiful Target” in September. Currently they are promoting their new track “Baby Good Night” in Korea.