JYJ’s Yoochun Wants to Go Public with His Next Relationship

In a recent interview with local media DongA and Oh My News, JYJ’s Yoochun shared his thoughts about love and relationships. He started out by saying, “If I get a new girlfriend, I am planning to go public with my relationship.”

“It’s something I thought about for a long time. When I find a good person that I want to bring to my father’s grave (and introduce to him), then I’ll be able to naturally make the relationship public,” he said.

“Basically, I like someone who’s good to my mother. It has to be someone that I can proudly call my significant other, and someone that others would appreciate and celebrate for me. I’ve never introduced my girlfriend to my parents before. I always wanted to find a good person and introduce her to my father when he was ill. I guess that’s why I couldn’t date anyone easily. After my father’s passing, I felt more of urgent. Going public? I’m going to openly date before a scandal breaks out. But it’s not an easy decision. I have to be careful,” he added.

“It’s been nearly 3-4 years since I last dated someone. I’d like to get married to someone who saves well and doesn’t waste money. She has to be wise and warm hearted,” Yoochun said.