Lee Min Ho Playing Squash in a Suit?

Lee Min Ho is the exclusive model for Trugen. Recently, a clip for the 2012 “Live Like Him” campaign for June titled “Run Like Him” was revealed. For the clip Lee Min Ho is not wearing sporty clothes, but he is wearing a suit while playing squash. As you can see in the clip below, Lee Min Ho looks very comfortable in the suit even though he is portrayed as playing squash.

A representative of Trugen stated, “The new theme for this June campaign is ‘Run Like Him.’ The message is to show the activeness of running in June where people are busy outside.”

Lee Min Ho will be appearing in the SBS drama “Faith” that recently set its first broadcasting date as August 13. “Faith” is a fusion historical drama about a historical warrior and a modern day doctor that fall in love. Kim Hee Sun plays the female doctor and Lee Min Ho will play “Choi Young,” who is a personal guard of the king.