Lee Hyori’s Thoughts on Jung Suk Won & Baek Ji Young’s Thoughts on Lee Sang Soon

“Korea’s Super Divas” Baek Ji Young and Lee Hyori recently had a heart-to-heart discussing their personal hardships after going public with their respective relationships. Because of the rare and exclusive nature of maintaining a public relationship, once the two stars met on the set of the SBS talk show “You and I” that Lee Hyori emcees, they became quickly engrossed with the topic.

Baek Ji Young was first to admit to Lee Hyori that ever since she publicized her relationship with Jung Suk Won, she was happy to be alleviated from the stress of being seen together with her boyfriend in public places. Above all else, she confessed she felt more at ease after “laying claim” on Jung Suk Won as her official boyfriend.

Lee Hyori opened up about the downside of having a public relationship by citing instances where people continue to discuss why or why not a couple should stay together post break-up when stars themselves don’t exactly know where their relationships are headed. Baek Ji Young agreed and added, “Once people know two people are dating, it can prove difficult trying to hide tumultuous periods in any relationship, like when you’re fighting.” Baek Ji Young then made a side note to this stating, “I believe however, that if a couple decides to work past those obstacles there are plenty of joyful moments that make it worthwhile.”

Baek Ji young also shared that at first many people around her became concerned for her welfare when they heard she was going to go public with her relationship. She stated, “I felt that if I was courageous enough to cast my own doubts and fears aside, perhaps there was a possibility that everyone might support my relationship. My reasoning was that everyone goes through break-ups. If my relationship ends, I will tell everyone, ‘I am going through a break-up and I am heartbroken’ and the only difference would be the amount of people I can reach out to for comfort during that difficult time.” She said bearing this mind while deciding to publicize her relationship has made it easier to embrace the consequences.

In the second part of their heart-to-heart, Lee Hyori and Baek Ji Young drew much attention for making note of the charms of each other’s boyfriends. Lee Hyori who met Jung Suk Won at a hair salon recently did not hold back any praise as she glowed, “Jung Suk Won is clearly very handsome, but after having met him in person, I noticed he possesses many other attractive qualities.” Baek Ji Young also shared that she had heard from Lee Hyori’s boyfriend Lee Sang Soon himself the story of how they met and how she thinks his most attractive feature is his muscles, “I recently saw a photo of him playing the guitar and could not help but notice how well-defined the muscles of his forearms were.”

Lee Hyori playfully jabbed at Baek Ji Young’s compliment and brought laughter to the stage by responding with, “Was it that difficult for you to find something to compliment? That’s like telling someone ‘You have lovely elbows’ and expecting them to feel flattered.”