BoA Suffers from Insomnia after Performances

Singer BoA revealed her condition following performances. Part two of BoA’s special of KBS “Win Win” will air tonight, June 5. The talk show is, surprisingly, her first talk show since her debut.

During the recording, BoA surprised everyone by saying, “I can’t sleep well after a performance.” She continued, “I can’t fall asleep well because it takes me a long time to calm down the excitement I get from all the adrenaline that comes out while I practice late into the night or when I perform.” After a performance, she feels empty, and her head is filled with many thoughts, which even causes her to suffer from insomnia. She confessed, “When I can’t fall asleep the entire night, it brightens outside before I”m actually aware of it. That’s when I start feeling strange.”

In response, MC Tak Jae Hoon said, “There were a lot of times when I fell asleep in a minute as soon as I got home after a performance.” MC Lee Soo Geun then made people laugh when he said, “Before I fall asleep, I tell myself to take five minutes to think over the things I’ve done that day. However, when I open my eyes, it’s already morning.”