BTS Cuts of Park Min Young for Makeup Brand A’PIEU

Behind cuts were revealed of Park Min Young for her photoshoots with the makeup brand “A’PIEU.” Once again Park Min Young showed off her flawless and beautiful porcelain skin. She showed off two different types of charms, cute and womanly.

Since the beginning of June, Park Min Young began her activities as the exclusive model of “A’PIEU.” The concept of the photoshoot was “innocence of 20s” and to fit in with the photoshoot she made innocent and graceful expressions.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Park Min Young has skin that is like a babies and is white~” “What kind of makeup does Park Min Young who has a baby face, use?” “Park Min Young is so cute, I really love her expressions,” and “Park Min Young looks so womanly, and also she looks so cute.”