Park Yoo Chun Consoles Kim So Hyun: “Don’t Get Depressed, Cheer Up! Princess!”

MBC “Come to Play” received heavy criticism for editing out child actress Kim So Hyun’s story about Park Yoo Chun.  After the June 4th broadcast of the show, Kim So Hyun expressed her frustration by tweeting, “What’s this? I wonder why they edited out all of the parts about Yoo Chun oppa? I wanted to share a lot of funny stories about Yoo Chun oppa…What a bitter ending to the final moments of my birthday.”

Afterwards, she personally shared the story that was edited on her twitter. Park So Hyun started, “When I first met Yoo Chun oppa, he was wearing a red tracksuit and white wifebeaters. He came out of the dressing room scratching his belly. I was momentarily shocked. I had found my ideal man. Even like that, he looked amazing. Follow-up to ‘Come to Play.’”

Earlier today, Park Yoo Chun consoled her by tweeting, “So Hyun-ah, thanks! Don’t get depressed, cheer up! Princess! Oppa will cheer for you from Bali.”

Even before the broadcast, MBC had hinted at the story, spreading a press release, which further confused viewers when last night’s episode did not include it. The program had announced that Kim So Hyun shared stories about her “Rooftop Prince” co-star Park Yoo Chun, revealing the latter’s cheesy words like calling her a princess, during a recent recording. MBC later announced that the story was edited out because of issues with the show’s time length.