T-ara Jiyeon Tears Up at Her Father’s Surprise Visit

Recently, a video clip of T-ara at their most recent autograph signing event titled “Jiyeon‘s Father Comes to T-ara’s Autograph Signing Event” appeared on an online community forum. The video clip is from OBS “Unique Entertainment News” segment. The author of this thread commented, “Watching Jiyeon crying touched me. Her dad seems like he’s been standing in line just to see his daughter.”

In the video, members of T-ara were smiling and greeting their fans. However, when a middle aged man appeared in front of them, they all seemed surprised. As it turns out, it was Jiyeon’s father. Jiyeon’s father hugged his daughter tightly and then held her hand with one hand and caressed her cheek with another hand. He said, “I came just to see you. I’m leaving now!” He left rather swiftly as he did not want to interrupt the event. Jiyeon started tearing up as soon as she spotted her father as well as other fellow T-ara members watching this emotional reunion.

Netizens commented, “He must not get to see her often, since he came all the way to an autograph signing event to see his own daughter,” “He was there only for a moment,” “This video makes me tear up,” “T-ara needs a break, I think they work too much,” and “Jiyeon, please don’t cry. Cheer up!”

One particular netizen added, “Previously in a talk concert, Jiyeon talked about how she didn’t even get to say new year’s greetings to her mother. She said that it had been almost six months since she spent time with her mother. When Jiyeon was appearing in SBS ‘Heroes,’ she cried so much when Narsha and Hong Soo Ah‘s mothers came to see their daughters. She said that it had been several months since the last time she saw her mother.”