Wonder Girls’ “Wonder Party” Concept Photos Revealed

On June 4, Wonder Girls revealed concept pictures of their new album “Wonder Party” through social networking service Kakao Talk. While each individual member is showcasing her own charisma and charm in the picture, Sohee stands out the most.

Surrounded by blue florescent lights, Sohee is giving an aloof and cool glare into the camera. The overall atmosphere of the picture gives off a chic vibe as if Sohee is telling the viewer that she doesn’t care. Some excited fans praise this particular photo of Sohee, saying that “the visual terminator Sohee” is back.

Other four members are also flaunting their own charms in these revealed pictures. In yellow and purple lights, they look glamourous and more grown-up than they did in their previous albums. Especially the two older members, Ye Eun and Sun Ye is showcasing captivating maturity and sexiness.

Wonder Girls released new album “Wonder Party” and its title song “Like This” on June 3. They will start their official promotional cycle of “Like This” shortly.