TaeTiSeo Releases Music Video for “OMG”

TaeTiSeo‘s music video for “OMG” (Oh My God) was just released today on SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

Instead of a live video, the whole thing is a slide show of their “Twinkle” album concept photos along with their song “OMG” being played.

“Twinkle” saw huge popularity on music charts and were able to sweep all the music show wins for three weeks in a row. For their goodbye stages, both Sooyoung and Hyoyeon joined the subunit on different days for a spacial short dance performance of “OMG.”

They had finished up their promotions of “Twinkle” last weekend and are now preparing for the release of their upcoming Japanese single “Paparazzi.”

As the song has a somewhat similar sound to “Twinkle,” it would have been nice to see other songs get an animated music video. They had performed “Baby Steps” and “Love Sick” during their debut stages.