Kim Hyun Joong Will Release New Japanese Single in July

The anticipation for Kim Hyun Joong’s new Japanese single album is rising. He will be officially releasing his second single album, “HEAT,” on July 4. The album will contain two songs, “HEAT” and “Let’s Party.” Through this album, he will be transforming into a tough man, unlike the soft image from his Japanese debut album. He will be showing off a different charm through his eyes overflowing with confidence and by putting on his intense charisma.

In the single album, one of the two songs, “Heat,” was done with the Japanese duo, B’z. The song has a fun rhythm and addicting lyrics. It is believed to become a big hit in the Japanese music industry.

Also, Kim Hyung Joong is planning on having a live performance at the Saitama Super Arena on July 14 and July 15. This special event is being done to commemorate the release of his second single album. Along with Naoto Inti Raymi, a popular singer in Japan, he will perform their collaboration, “Double Fantasista – Great Assist,” on July 14. The two planned on having the collaboration after having similar thoughts. They became close friends since Kim Hyun Joong last visited Japan and played soccer with Naoto Inti Raymi.

On the next day, July 15, Kim Hyun Joong will have his free, exclusive performance, “Kim Hyun Joong ‘HEAT’ 2012 in Japan.” His hit songs and new songs from the new single album will be performed in front of over 32,000 fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong successfully completed his fan meeting in Chengdu and Guangzhou, China, on June 1. He is currently preparing to meet his fans in Shanghai on June 9.