Secret’s Sunhwa: “I Was Unstoppable in Pursuing a Man I Fell for at First Sight”

On the most recent episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” Secret‘s Sunhwa appeared and talked about her experience of falling for a man at first sight and how she pursued him. She stated, “I immediately fell for my ‘ideal guy’ when I first saw him. I was rather reckless and unstoppable when it came to winning his heart.”

Sunhwa explained, “I went to see this band perform and was immediately attracted to the vocalist of the band. In the middle of their concert, the vocalist pulled asked a single male and female to volunteer to be on the stage. So I ran up there.” Unaware of Sunhwa’s immediate attraction to the vocalist, he was trying to play matchmaker between Sunhwa and the guy from the audience who was on stage with her.

Instead of being dragged into an unwanted blind date, Sunhwa mustered up the courage to hold the microphone and ask the audience, “If you think this guy next to me and I look cute together, please raise your hand once. If you think the vocalist of the band and I look cuter together, please raise your hand twice.” Then she proceeded to confess her feelings to the vocalist. She told him, “I came up on the stage because I was attracted to you.” He responded, “Yeah, I thought you are cute, too.” Sunhwa added that she and the vocalist soon became a couple and had a great time together while the relationship was lasting.