Kara’s Nicole Visits SHINee’s Key for His Musical

On June 6, Kara‘s Nicole tweeted, “Clap clap clap!! My Ki Bum, you did such a good job, you looked amazing ~~~~ Good luck on your last show today!” and posted several pictures along with her comment. The pictures are from musical theater production “Catch Me If You Can,” which SHINee‘s Key stars in.

The pictures show onstage facility signaling “Catch Me If You Can”, Key performing solo and with other performers, and a friendly proof shot of Nicole and Key in the backstage. Nicole’s natural look without any makeup on is drawing attention online.

Netizens commented, “I never knew they were good friends with each other,” “The fact that Nicole could visit Key without any makeup on like that proves that they really are friends!” “This friendship is rather unexpected to me,” and “You guys visit each other at your shows?”