f(x)’s Sulli Updates Fans with New Selca

On June 5, f(x)‘s Sulli greeted fans visiting SM Town‘s official Facebook page with a new picture of herself and a long message.

Sulli wrote, “Hello everyone, this is Sulli from f(x). It’s been a while. Did you read the news about f(x)’s upcoming mini album ‘Electric Shock?’ I saw that some fans are busy trying to guess who the person is in the photo revealed along with the news today. We will try our best to come back soon. Please look forward to our upcoming album and f(x)’s comeback!”

The selca picture Sulli posted along with the long message shows Sulli with long, straight, dark brown hair which stands out in contrast with her clear skin. The big puppy eyes of Sulli resembles the eyes of beautiful and feminine heroines in romance comics. The small red rose hairpiece tucked behind her right ear also accentuates Sulli’s natural beauty.

Netizens commented on Sulli’s picture, “Sulli’s selca with a little rose! So pretty!” “Sulli, you look so good with that rose,” and “I want to be that little rose in her hair.”

Just announced earlier this week, f(x)’s comeback mini album will be released on June 10.