Big Hit Entertainment Reveals New Girl Group Glam

A first glimpse of Big Hit Entertainment’s newest girl group, Glam has been revealed.

Big Hit Entertainment is home to hit artists such as K.Will and 8eight and their next project is the 5 member group, Glam. Glam consists of members Ji Yeon, Da Hee, Mi So, Trinity and Jini. A slight glimpse of them was caught on the TV program, “Real Music Drama Glam” that aired on June 6. Eyes were especially drawn toward Lee Mi So, who was a past contestant on “The Great Birth” and Jini, who is a talented breakdancer.

Producer Bang Shi Hyuk, the director of Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music have collaborated for 3 years for Glam’s debut. Bang Shi Hyuk stated, “Glam is a group that I am producing after my 14 years of experience with music. In the beginning, I was only going to have them show off their song but they are very good performers so I had them dancing as well,” as he showered the girls with praise. During this episode, Bang Shi Hyuk gave a taste of Glam’s new track that he wrote called, “Bless U.”

Glam is set to debut on July 16 and will appear on “Real Music Drama Glam” on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm.

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