Infinite Transforms into Policemen for “Ranking King”

A photo of Infinite at the set of “Ranking King” was revealed recently. On June 6, Infinite’s Hoya tweeted, “Infinite transformed into pursuers. The filming was extremely thrilling,” and uploaded a picture of them at the set.

In the photo, the Infinite members are posing while showing off their charisma with their white shirts and black police uniforms. Each member is revealing their own unique charms with their expressions, which catches the eyes of the viewer.

“Ranking King” is a program that decides the order of rank within the group Infinite with one theme every week.

Recently on the set, Infinite played through the survival game to see who was the smartest member in the group. The members, in their police uniforms and transformed into pursuers, had an intense mental battle in order to get rid of one member at a time. They chased after each other and tried their best to eliminate others.

Fans who saw the picture showed their interest by saying, “I am looking forward to it. Fighting,” and “Infinite looks good even in police uniforms.”