IU Shares Photo of T-ara’s Ji Yeon Passed Out on Her Bed for Her Birthday

In honor of her birthday, IU shared a photo of T-ara’s Ji Yeon sleeping on her bed. On June 7, IU tweeted, “While abroad for promotions, she knocks on my door in the middle of the night, wakes me up, and falls asleep…I haven’t gotten any texts, are you still sleeping…Happy birthday Ji Yeon from IU.” In the photo, Ji Yeon is fast asleep still in her jiclothes and makeup.

Ji Yeon responded, “You…How can you take a picture when I’m sleeping! Thanks anyways, kiddy.”

Netizens commented, “She must have been exhausted. She’s passed out,” “She’s so pretty! Sleeping beauty,” “It’s funny how they share photos of each other,” “I envy their friendship,” “More photos please~ “ and more.

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon celebrates her 19th birthday today, June 7.