miss A’s Suzy Joins the Likes of Girls’ Generation and f(x)’s Victoria as…

miss A’s Suzy and 2PM showed off their swimsuit bodies while modeling for water theme park Caribbean Bay. On June 6, never before seen photos titled “2012 Carribean Bay Models Suzy and 2PM” were shared online, piquing netizens interest. The photos were still cuts from a recent CF shoot. With this latest endorsement deal, Suzy joins the likes of Girls’ Generation and f(x)’s Victoria, who previously modeled with the boys of 2PM for Caribbean Bay.

In the photos, 2PM displayed their ripped bodies worthy of their “beastly idol” nickname. Suzy flaunted her slim figure, wearing a short hot pink tank and white shorts. Suzy transformed 180 degrees for this CF, going from cute, innocent first love icon to a sexy, confident woman.

Netizens commented, “Suzy daebak!” “They look great together,” “They’re all so fit,” “Amazing,” “Smoking hot,” and more.