Big Bang Releases First Photograph Collection “Extraordinary 20’s”

Big Bang released their first photograph collection, “Extraordinary 20’s,” on June 6, alongside their special edition album, “Still Alive.” The photograph collection is Big Bang’s first in their six year career.

The photo album, filmed under the concept of “The Normal Lives of Special People,” features behind-the-scenes photos, Polaroid shots, and never-before-seen pictures of the group taken on the streets of London. The photo shoot was filmed in a friendly environment, as all Big Bang members were directly involved in the entire production process.

Big Bang’s “Extraordinary 20’s” is available online at the YG e-shop and select stores in Korea. Mobile versions of the photo album were also revealed on the same day. They will also reveal a Seoul version of the mobile photo album later this month.

Meanwhile, you can check out the teaser/behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot below!