Kim Sun Ah’s “I Do I Do” Falls Behind Other Wed/Thurs. Dramas

Since MBCThe Moon that Embraces the Sun” ended its run this past March, competition for the ratings every Wednesday and Thursday nights have been fierce. Three new dramas premiered last week, and while it was – and still is – hard to identify the clear favorite of the night, it’s slowly getting clear which one isn’t.

Unfortunately, ratings for Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo’s MBCI Do I Do” dipped once more, knocking the romantic-comedy into last place among the three. While it got off to a respectable start, recording 10.5% (AGB Nielsen) for its pilot episode, the ratings dropped to 9.8% the night after. Last night, it dropped further to 9.0%.

Its competitors fared better. KBSBridal Mask,” starring Joo Won and Ji Se Yeon, saw a 1.2% increase, recording 13.6%. SBSGhost,” starring So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee, saw sweet success, jumping 2.5% to come in second with 11.4%.

“I Do I Do” is a romantic comedy about Hwang Ji Ahn (Kim Sun Ah), a successful thirty-something-year-old, single, career woman who is the best designer at a footwear company. She has the complete package of brains, beauty, and talent. While she has no desires to marry or to have a family of her own, she faces a cruel ultimatum for any woman – menopause. Through coincidence she meets a handsome, young man named Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo), whom she spends the night with. Unfortunately for her, Park Tae Kang is a walking disaster who does what she hates most in the world – ripping off designer shoes and selling imitations. Through a series of coincidental events, he gets accepted as a new recruit at Hwang Ji Ahn’s company. In the meantime, she also finds out that she’s pregnant…