Yoo In Na Expresses Her Thoughts on Wrapping Up “Queen In Hyun’s Man”

Hours before the second to last episode of “Queen In Hyun’s Man,” actress Yoo In Na wrote on her me2day, “Mental breakdown warning. Hope you watch tonigh’s episode of ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man.’ Sending a warning to all of our drama’s friends and family. Tonight’s episode is crucial. This is not a publicity stunt, but for real! Screenwriter Song is truly a genius…Hooo~ I can’t live like this~ Ah~” and attached an adorable selca.

In the photo, Yoo In Na is seen holding onto a doll, while winking and semi-pouting at the camera. Netizens commented, “I can’t believe it’s almost over,” “Please don’t let it be a sad ending,” “I love seeing Yoo In Na in dramas,” “Cutie,” and more.

Meanwhile, during the last filming of “Queen In Hyun’s Man,” Yoo In Na expressed, “I’m truly thankful to the director and screenwriter for having faith in me. The days I spent as Hee Jin are very dear to me. I’m extremely sad, rather than bittersweet, that it has come to an end.” She continued, “Pulling several all-nighters weren’t too bad as the studio was always full of laughter and joy. I’m worried about parting with Hee Jin, and I think I will miss Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) as well.” Regarding her most memorable scene in the series, Yoo In Na chose the kiss where she stood on Ji Hyun Woo’s feet. She explained, “It was my first deep kiss, so honestly, I was embarrassed. But I was extremely relieved to see that the scene came out pretty.”