Jay Park’s “APAHM Tour” Was a Resounding Success

On May 18, Jay Park held a successful exclusive American tour title “APAHM Tour” that went through 4 different U.S. cities, which started in Washington D.C. It was his first U.S. tour and Jay Park made nearly 10,000 viewers go wild.

For the U.S. tour he performed songs from his official album and also songs from his mix tape, “FRESH A!R:BREATHE !T.” During the concert, he showed off beboy performances with other “AOM” members.

Jay Park said of the concert tour, “After debuting it was my first U.S. concert tour, and I anticipated a lot. It was more than I expected, and I am happy. I will continue to do different activities so that I can meet with fans. Thank you once again for all the fans that came to watch the concerts.”

Jay Park will appear at the “2012 Yeosu Expo K-Pop Hallyu Concert” that will be held on June 9.