Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Inhales Tangerines and Delays Filming?

For those of you who are fans of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, it comes as no surprise that she once suspended a CF shoot because she stuffed her face with tangerines.  The popular singer-actress is well known for her love for food. TV Chosun’sCeleb in TV the TREND” will air a new segment titled “Made In” in its upcoming episode on Saturday, June 9, and the corner will take an in-dept look at YoonA.

Reporters interviewed YoonA’s stylists, makeup artists, music video directors, and others to dig up her secrets. During the investigation, they were able to find a funny BTS story about the star during a recent CF shoot for cosmetics company innisfree.

A source closely related to YoonA revealed, “The shoot took place at a tangerine farm, and YoonA kept making NGs by eating the tangerines. It seemed like she would never stop eating.”

The episode will also feature YoonA’s hairstyling and makeup tips, as well as an in-dept look at her beautiful wardrobe.

TV Chosun “Celeb in TV the TREND” will air its next episode, featuring YoonA, this Saturday, June 9, at 11AM KST.