Netizens React to Shin Min Ah’s Small Head

Actress Shin Min Ah‘s small head has recently become a trending topic on certain online community forums with a post titled, “Proof of goddess-like Shin Min Ah with Kim Yoo Jung” containing a photo of the pair.

In the picture, Shin Min Ah and Kim Yoo Jung are wearing matching Mickey Mouse character t-shirts and bright smiles on the set of a photo shoot.

The most compelling element of the photo is the contrast between the height and head sizes of actress Shin Min Ah and child actress Kim Yoo Jung. Although taller than Kim Yoo Jung, Shin Min Ah’s head is much smaller by comparison.

The photo became popular for revealing the actual head-to-body proportion of the older female actress.

Netizens commented with, “Shin Min Ah’s proportions are good”. “Shin Min Ah is pretty”, “Kim Yu Jung is also very cute”.