Goo Hara Transforms Into a Doll

Girl group KARA member, Goo Hara, transformed into a perfect doll.

Goo Hara showed off her dreamy charms through appearing in A-JAX‘s music video for “Never Let Go.” Her never-before-seen beauty proved her charming glamour and kindness by willingly helping out her hoobae (rookie) group in her entertainment agency.

The singer also surprised fans by transforming her iconic long hair into a short cut. She was also connected with strings to express the theme of a marionette show.

Goo Hara not only portrayed her doll-like beauty, but also became a perfect doll. Her expression, pose, and colorful outfit transformed her into an elegant and refined doll.

She also displayed her mature, yet sexy charm in a red colored see-through dress. The turtle neck design gave a femme fatale feel and received many compliments for its luxuriousness.

Netizens and fans who saw Goo Hara’s transformation commented, “She is the true doll face of all doll faces,” “Now she is sexy too?” and “Even her doll fashion is perfect.”