“Love Rain” to Take Legal Action Against Plagiarism Allegation By Makers of “The Classic”

The recently ended KBS drama, “Love Rain” has been accused of plagiarism by Egg Film’sThe Classic.”

On June 7, Egg Film’s stated, “We have requested for a ban of broadcast along with a ban of sales. We have also filed for a provisional disposition of the drama.”

Sources from “Love Rain” spoke with a SportsSeoul.com and said, “It is ridiculous to think that “Love Rain” plagiarized “The Classic.” They claim that we copied scenes like the lead roles saying goodbye on a train, the theme of rain and other ordinary things that a usual melodrama portrays. We will announce our official stance and will take legal action for this.”

Egg Film states, “‘Love Rain’ has used detailed plot lines, plot developments, character interactions and even inner expressions of the characters that push the plot forward. They have seriously infringed our copyrights.”

Egg Film continued, “On May 16, the drama’s production staff has requested us to stop our legal actions but we could not find a mutual agreement so we are applying for a provisional disposition.”

“Love Rain” has aired its final episode on May 29.