Secret’s Zinger Before and After Diet Pictures

Secret member, Zinger, tweeted a picture of herself with the caption, “Exercising at night. Feels good.”

In the tweeted picture, Zinger is kneeling on a park bench, wearing a grey oversized hoodie sweater. The hood of the sweatshirt is covering half of her face, only her nose and mouth peering out. But it was not just this cute and comfortable pose that caught the attention of the Netizens. Many noticed that she had lost a lot of weight. Her legs seem much slimmer than one year ago.

Compared to previous pictures that were taken of the singer, many believe that Zinger has lost a lot of weight and netizens speculated that the singer has probably been on a strict diet regimen.

Netizens that viewed the slimmer picture of Zinger commented, “Her diet really works” and “Her thighs look so much slimmer.”

Perhaps she looks slimmer in the recent tweeted picture, but Zinger looks great in both pictures. The physical standards for young girls in the entertainment industry can be unreasonable and most times, quite unattainable – we just hope that she is healthy and happy!